The Pyramids

No book, no documentary, no report can tell you what it is like to pull up in front of a pyramid. I had fallen asleep on the bus and opened my eyes to discover that we were in front of them. Well, it’s as if I had become a tiny cartoon character that was placed in the real world, or as if I had become the size of an ant.

There was the largest of the pyramids, the Great pyramid of Khufu, or Cheops. It was bare, bold, in my face. The pyramid consists ofapproximately 2 million blocks of stone, weighing an average of 2.5 tonnes, though some are over 16 tonnes. I stumbled out of the bus and after buying an admission ticket to the pyramid, we finally approached it. The stone steps were huge. I took the climb as a few well-placed, deep squats and then we entered the pyramid through an opening in the stone.

  Maya Nam in front of Cheops Pyramid  

My friends Jocelyne, Ginette and I walked through some dimly-lit hallways, stopping to place our handson the walls.We came to a long, ascending corridor. It was no more than about a metre wide with railings on either side and a little over a metre high. We started climbing with Ginette ahead of me and Jocelyne behind me. I felt a little anxious. There was no light nor could I feel any fresh air. It was not the best timing, but it was then that I realized that I am a little claustrophobic! I didn’t even have the luxury of paniking. There was no room for me to even stand and take a breath and I couldn’t turn back without having to press past Jocelyne! I had to keep least for another 40 metres until we entered what’s called the great gallery. I’m not sure the reason for the name. It is another passage ascending another 9 metres, but it was larger!

Later the others told me that the guides had indicated those who were claustrophobic or had heart problems, or couldn’t stand humidity shouldn’t go inside. It wasn’t the humidity that bothered me - it was being crouched down in a long tube of space and having to semi-crawl!

  Light reflecting off the stones of the pyramid  

Within the Great Gallery, we had to climb a series of ladders that were rungs embedded into the wall. (I didn’t even think about looking down - I just climbed and was grateful to be upright!)

And then we heard praying...


We were in a dark passage encased in deep stone, but it sounded as as though we were surrounded by prayer. We didn’t know where it was coming from. There was nothing next to me but stone, and outside, I knew that there was just the pyramids and sand, no mosque from which the prayer would drift over.

As we climbed the last ladder, I realized that the praying came from above. And suddenly the last set of steps spilled into a huge dark chamber. Most of our group had already entered and started chanting! The atmosphere of that room - the dim light - the stark gray huge stone-walled area with high ceilings. . . It was something. The rest of our group were already there and there were chanting ‘om’ and it was reverberating in our bodies like a yoga class magnified to the nth degree

I walked to the side of the wall and leaned against it - to soak up all the good energy of the miracle of this building - or at least - the reverberating ‘OM’s.It was quite a moving experience being there, one that I can’t completely outline yet. Apparently, some people were skeptical and didn’t believe that the ancient Egyptians had built the pyramids. They thought it was aliens. I was surprised that skeptics had more faith in aliens than ancient Egyptians.

  Showing the scale of the pyramids  
I’m not sure what to believe. I find it humbling. We think we’re so advanced and we’re truly amazed and proud of our scientific abilities. And then we have a look at a three-dimensional triangle and try to figure out how it got there - who moved the stones (that are perfectly cut within 1/50th of an inch and fit together without cement). What technology did they utilize that we don’t have today?
Today's engineers cannot get the same precision with a laser.

There’s also a link with the pyramids in Mexico. It can be no coincidence that the sides of the pyramids of Egypt and Mexico are aligned with the Northern Star. Who aligned any of these pyramids with the stars? Who would have had the astrological, engineering and architectural knowledge that we don’t have today?

I have no answers - just speculation. Regardless it is comforting - there are forces/power greater than ourselves - whether it is human, alien or godly. Either way we can trust in this greater power and look forward to greater achievements. At the very least, if this was purely a human achievement, it confirms that we haven't yet reached our full potential. . .NEXT

  A view of the pyramid surrounded by palm trees  
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